Happy Handbag Collection Points

Currently the happy Handbag Scheme only operates in the Bristol-Gloucester-Swindon triangle

I will collect handbags within this area although to have a number to collect at the same time would be even better. So, if you are thinking of donating a Happy Bag and you live in this area perhaps you could mention it to family and friends and collect donations from them too (cheeky I know)

I also receive donations at home in Frampton Coterell, BS36 2JY.

In the Bristol area donations can be taken to Carpe Diem Therapy Centre in Staple Hill.  
I have a number of contacts in Bristol who would also to happy to have your Happy Handbag dropped into them.

Tesco in the Yate Shopping Centre are happy to take in Happy Handbags and Happy Bags.  Take them to the Customer Services board where you will find a collection bin.

Tesco Extra Quedgeley is on board too - take donations to the pink bin behind the tills 

Please remember I am not a registered charity (yet) and there is only 1 of me.  I do have a small band of SFF's (Supportive family and friends) and am looking to raise financial support  for running costs and filling some of the empty handbags donated - Waitrose in Chipping Sodbury are putting me on their local community support list!

And now we have Tesco Extra Swindon

Ocotal Way, Swindon SN1 2EH

If you would like to help in any way please contact me on the form below

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