Jacqui Baker - reiki practitioner
Jacqui Baker - South Wales

When I was introduced to Reiki in 2003, it was thanks to an old skiing injury to my shoulder which was causing me grief. A lady who I had met through business, put her hands on my shoulder, and I couldn't believe the intense heat coming from her hands. 

My shoulder pain was eased, and my interest was piqued. That lady was my soon to be Reiki Master, Teacher, Mentor, and I am pleased to say now a close family friend, Jeanne Long.

I was attuned to Reiki I in 2004, then Reiki II a few months later, followed by Reiki Master in 2005. 
I have continued my professional development since then, and am proud to represent The Reiki Connection in Wales; I also work as an Observer in Wales, on behalf of The Reiki Council.

Reiki fits very well with any culture and belief; any religion and spirituality. The healing energy of Reiki is a comfort to any ailment whether physical or mental, spiritual or emotional. Meditation with Reiki is a relaxing and rewarding experience. I embarked on my Reiki journey for personal self development. Reiki filled a void in my life, and is very much a part of my everyday life.

As well as offering treatment sessions and attunements to Reiki, I am pleased to help, advise and support anyone on their Reiki journey. I also host Reiki share sessions with like minded therapists on a regular basis.

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