Rosie Underwood

I am a qualified holistic therapist offering Swedish Massage, Seated Acupressure and Indian Head Massage. I love giving and receiving therapies and I first discovered Reiki when a friend and I did a treatment swap.  She had talked about the healing benefits of Reiki and as soon as I received it I felt a deep sense of peace and calm and saw beautiful colours around me. For my 40th birthday in 2008 I decided to go on a retreat in India to learn Reiki I and Iearn with an Indian Reiki Master who is based in the UK, and after only a week of being in the Reiki energy I felt that Reiki was so right for me and would enhance my other therapies.  I loved the spiritual side of her teachings and the use of crystals with reiki also and this course changed my life.  I did an online course with the same Reiki Master in the UK which incorporated daily reiki practice and soon found that my life changed for the better as things I really dreamed of were becoming possible with the power of positive thought and intention. 

 Whilst offering massage and other therapies my clients say that I have 'healing hands' as they get very warm and send them into a deep relaxation. I know that Reiki can help with so many things and is such a gentle yet effective form of healing.  

 After practicing on family and friends since 2008 I decided recently to do my Reiki courses again with Jeanne of Connect to Reiki. I feel that Jeanne's teachings and attunements have deepened my Reiki gifts even further and I am using Reiki on a daily basis to promote relaxation and positive changes to my life.  I also send a lot of distance Reiki to friends or clients who are in need for anything at all to health problems, anxiety, depression or just a general need for a pick me up.

 Reiki really is incredible and the benefits are long lasting and profound. I look forward to connecting with you if you are drawn to me and would like some Reiki    

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