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This is my personal section and condenses and replaces my original web site.  

Connect2Reiki web site was originally set up for The Reiki Connection when I first started my Reiki journey at the end of the 1990's.  For some reason Reiki Connection web address wasn't available at that time so I chose connect2reiki.

Now, over 15 years later, my old web site is outdated and was using an old 'platform'.  This has resulted in my challenge to bring everything up-to-date, to acknowledge this new digital age and move forward with things called 'apps' and such like.  What a learning curve this is proving to be and at this point I would like to thank Best Host for all their help and patience in helping me with this transition!

Reiki for the 21st century

It is my belief that we should not stand still. If we stand still we stagnate.                                                                                                 Written below is MY interpretation of the Reiki Precepts, adapted by me for this day and age.

This is how I feel, it does not have to be how you feel; we all have individuality and must keep that. So, in saying that, this is my interpretation….

Reiki for 21st century…

Just for today

Do not worry
Do not anger
Show respect
Work ethically
Be kind to all 

My lineage is Usui/Iris Ishikuro

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