Accredited Reiki Master/Teacher Jeanne Long

  Verified through The Reiki Connection / Reiki Council

Listed in the CNHC Accredited Register

Now we have a new 'norm'.
Reiki training now takes place in The Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath,BS36 2TG.

Full COVID restrictions are in place.

ALL ON HOLD AGAIN however i now offer distance learning with an
in-person training session when restrictions are lifted

For any Practitioner who has not been offering reiki during this whole time of covid RESTRICTIONS, why not do a Reiki refresher course?
You will join a regular Reiki training class, receive an attunement
and be advised about COVID procedures.
This is not a quick route into Reiki, all attending will need to evidence their
previous Reiki training and can do a refresher course at the level of Reiki they currently are.

There is a discounted rate for TRC members

Reiki basic training points

What is Reiki? The Reiki history; The Reiki story; Self-healing; Reiki treatments; Reiki practice; What can Reiki do for me?                                           
Are there any contraindications?
What is the future for Reiki?
What is the difference between a Reiki practitioner and a 'professional' Reiki practitioner?
What do I feel is my pathway with Reiki? 

Flexible Reiki Training Courses in South GlosReiki is such a personal thing that my training is flexible and, dependant on the student’s requirements.

Reiki 1

Reiki 1 is thought of as mainly Reiki for the self. Instruction is given for giving Reiki sessions to the self, family, friends, animals and plants. Training is 2 full day plus another 2 structured sessions, preferable during the monthly Reiki Support Group run, thus giving the student the opportunity to practice Reiki with other Reiki students. 4 attunements are received in total.  For the Reiki 1 Refresher Course it is 1 day.

The cost for Reiki 1 training is £175
The Reiki 1 Refresher Course is £65 - (£40 for TRC full members)

The minimum amount of time to progress from Reiki 1 to Reiki 11 is 3 months.

Reiki 11

Reiki 11 training is 1 full day + 2 ad-hoc sessions (Reiki Support Group) + on-going support.

Reiki 11 training -
Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath, BS36 2TG

Reiki 11 training expands your Reiki awareness and takes in Distance Healing and 3 of the the Reiki Symbols.
It is thought of as being both spiritual development plus the giving of Reiki to a wider circle of people.

The cost for Reiki 11 is £245
The Reiki 11 Refresher Course is £75 - (£50 for TRC full members)

Reiki 11 Course Dates:



You will have Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 and TRC Approved Reiki Practitioner can be taken
a minimum of 6 months after Reiki 1 training
There is set criteria taught which includes 20 case studies and set number
of hours both giving and receiving Reiki

The cost of TRC Approved Reiki Practitioner course is £145 - this includes
the TRC final assessment process

TRC Approved Practitioner training can be a stepping stone to
Reiki Council / CNHC Verified Practitioner with this course
counting towards the Verified Practitioner requirements/criteria

Reiki 11 is the minimum requirement should you wish to progress to Reiki Professional Practitioner (RPP).

Reiki 111; Reiki Master-Teacher 

Reiki 111 is called Reiki Master/Teacher where a further Master symbol is shown.  
At Reiki 111 level Reiki becomes an integral part of life.

There is a minimum of 1 full day + a number of optional workshops + on going support and supervision.

From Reiki Master you are able to carry on into the teaching of Reiki after a period of time, with no mandatory additional teaching course. 

However I do run a general course designed for teaching adults which enhances all Reiki teaching and learning.

Reiki Master Training is very personal.  

Reiki Master Teacher training is £595
(£500 for full TRC members)
The Reiki Master Teacher Refresher course is £125 - (£60 for TRC full members)

My training also includes free registration and optional membership into The Reiki Connection Association.
Membership then offers the members access to Reiki Practitioner insurance through Balens.

Reiki Training Locations

Reiki training is available at Manor Hall, Coalpit Heath, BS36 2TG. 

Reiki Training Dates - Reiki is taught in very small groups and we try to agree dates to suit all parties.  If you are interested in any Reiki training then please message, using the form below, indicating days and dates that would be most suitable for you.

Accredited and verified Reiki courses, listed in the CNHC Register

Reiki Professional Practitioner Course:     

This course has 5 distance learning modules plus workshops finishing with the actual Practitioner Verification

Reiki Professional Practitioner

The Reiki Professional Practitioner Course designed to assist those students wishing to practice Reiki in a professional in attaining the prerequisites to be registered with the CNHC register.

This course is modular based, distance learning along with structured workshops.

  • There are 5 modules to work through, each with a question sheet to be completed and returned.  These modules are based on the National Occupation Standards for Reiki (provided with the course material).
  • Module 6 is the Reiki Council Questionnaire where your knowledge of the National Occupational Standards is tested. There are separate charges for this service as defined by the Reiki Council Member Organizations to cover the costs of verification checks and marking procedures.  

The Reiki Professional Practitioner can be taken as a package along with Reiki 1 and 11.  
If you are already at Reiki 11 level, then can be taken as a separate module.

The final module in this course, Module 6, is the Verification process where you obtain the Verification certificate, subject to all criteria being met.  

Reiki Professional Practitioner course is £345 +  verification fees

Graduates of this course will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). For more information see

Reiki for Professional Practice - Distant Learning.  

The Reiki Professional Practitioner course can be taken as distance learning only; being taken as a stand-alone Reiki course, resulting in the verification certificate. The following should be noted:                                                                

You have Reiki 1
You have Reiki 11, if not then it should be scheduled in with the training
You have received in-person attunements/initiations
You have a recognized/verified lineage that will be checked                                                                                                                       
Copies of your certificates, lineage and insurance will be require

Should you not have the required number of in-person Reiki training to meet the criteria set by the Reiki Council (and therefore CNHC) then you will need to provide evidence of continuing in-person training with your Reiki Master, or be able to attend workshops in Frampton Cotterell to build up your required hours.

This distance learning course is designed to incorporate standard Reiki training from your current Reiki Master; you are not required to retrain in Reiki.
The course has no set start or finish date so you can work at your own pace, building up the required criteria.  
Should you have been a Reiki Practitioner for some time and already have the required number of in-person training you will need to meet the National Occupational Standards for Reiki, you will need to evidence this.

There are 5 modules to work through, each with a question sheet to be completed and returned.  These modules are based on the National Occupation Standards for Reiki (provided with the course material).

Module 6 is the Reiki Council Questionnaire where your knowledge of the National Occupational Standards is tested. There is an initial verification charge of £10 to cover administration and lineage checks but this is included in the course fee.  There is a separate charge of £45 for the verification checks which is not covered in the course fee.  This is a standard Reiki Council advised fee.

An assessment of an actual 'observed' treatment is also required. The cost of this is observed treatment is not covered in this course so is an additional cost.   Most observers charge £25 for this, plus any travelling costs incurred.

The cost for this distance learning course is £345 plus additional costs listed above.  

            Reiki Professional Practitioner Package       

Being CNHC registered, I am required to offer a total package of end-to-end training to cover Reiki 1, Reiki 11 and Reiki for Professional Practice, resulting in the student gaining the TRC/Reiki Council Verification Certificate, and being fast tracked to CNHC Registration (if required). The course takes a minimum of 10 months, and as stated above, includes Reiki 1 and Reiki 11.  There is no upper time limit.

The cost of this package is £625 + £25 for the observed/assessed treatment + £45 verification and certificate

Graduates of this course will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). For more information see

Reiki Professional Practice package training is very flexible please enquire.  This is especially relevant if you already hold a Reiki qualification and you have been practising Reiki for some time.  We would assess your current achieved learning against the required criteria and create a package to cover any gaps.

Reiki Insurance

Practitioner Insurance for any level of Reiki is available through TRC block insurance with Balen Insurance. Should you wish to offer Reiki to the general public we recommend insurance is obtained. This is also a requirement for RPP

Please note, Reiki is a very special pathway to follow and you need to feel completely at ease with your Reiki Master.
I always advise you to speak to a couple of Reiki Masters before choosing to step onto this path, just to ensure you get maximum benefit in your journey.

'Om Shanti',


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