Reiki Spotlight

Photograph taken by a friend whilst in Cornwall 

Spotlight on Spotlight

Some Reiki organisations produce the most amazing Reiki magazines! Some send out very interesting weekly emails.
TRC however produces Spotlights!!

Spotlight is going to highlight a person, an action, some information, an event or anything we hope you will find of interest. 

With regards to 'a person' I think it will be great to see what our individual members get up to!  It gives them the opportunity to showcase what they do with their Reiki and how it is encompassed in their everyday living.
An action could be something that someone is intending to, or doing - for example volunteering in a local hospice, writing an article for a magazine - anything actually.
Information - like this Spotlight - can be an article or in fact anything you have discovered about Reiki or Reiki related subjects that you are happy to share on this website.

The first Spotlight - ReikiKind.  Has that caught your interest?  I hope so!

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