TRC approved

TRC is not formally able to accredit qualifications however TRC may approve set standards, mindful of the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and Core Curriculum.

TRC offer an approval service for those wishing to take their practice of Reiki to a higher level.  It is similar to taking an 'O' Level or top grade GCSE in Reiki with additional learning and assessed practice and knowledge of  Reiki.

TRC Approved Practitioner can also act as a stepping stone towards Reiki Council/CNHC Verified if this is the direction in which your Reiki path is taking you.  There is set criteria to be achieved, plus a 'test sheet' to assess your understanding of what is required to be classed as a TRC Approved Practitioner.  All the criteria and test sheet is mindful of the National Occupational Standards.  

TRC have produced Reiki Handbooks for every stage of your Reiki journey.  Bringing together the great wealth of TRC experience, knowledge and qualification TRC is presenting Reiki, both the giving of and training in, in an inclusive and easy to follow generic manner making it suitable for all lineages and styles of Reiki.

On enquiring to TRC for TRC Approved status you are issued with the set criteria.  If you can confirm that you meet this criteria payment is made (£70 for non-members of TRC; £45 for TRC members) you receive the Application form along with the 'test sheet' and check sheet with 3 relevant Reiki Handbooks.  The 'test sheet' and all criteria required are assessed and, if all in order, the TRC Approved Practitioner certificate is issued.  If the application is unsuccessful TRC work with you on any areas of concern (with no extra costs).


There are many styles and schools of Reiki and within these the Reiki Master Teacher teaches their own Reiki course, as taught to them by their Reiki Master with occasional additions from their own Reiki learning and experiences.

Each TRC Reiki handbook summarises what a person may expect to be covered in a Reiki course.  For a person new to Reiki it gives you a guide as to what questions you ask the Reiki Master Teacher prior to Reiki training.  The index in each handbook also acts as a checklist to ensure all TRC criteria required for 'Approved' status is covered in your training. The Reiki Master Teacher may not cover all the points in this list however you can always ask them if there is something they haven’t covered that tweaks your curiosity.  Or simply search the web.

Handbooks currently available are Reiki 1 PDF Handbook; Reiki 11 (2) PDF Handbook; TRC Approved Reiki Practitioner PDF Handbook.  These are available at £5 each or £12.50 for all 3.  

It is not the Reiki that is approved, it is the manner in which the Reiki is given during a treatment or training and the knowledge behind the Reiki.

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