The Reiki Connection Accreditation/Verification Service


New for 2021 TRC are soon to offer their own TRC Practitioner, Teacher and Course
approval/accreditation service. 
This is intended for those Reiki Practitioners and /or Reiki Master Teachers who want to practice 
their Reiki services mindful of the National Occupational Standards for Reiki.

This can also be a stepping stone to the full Reiki Council/CNHC verification service
offered by TRC since 2013 as an approved Reiki Council and CNHC Verifying Organisation.

Details coming soon



With TRC being a founder member of the Reiki Council, Jeanne worked on the National Occupational Standards which were agreed with Skills for Health and CNHC. 
Also Jeanne represents Reiki on the CNHC Reiki PSB (Profession Specific Board)

TRC was one of the first Reiki Organisations (after UKRF) to provide the CNHC agreed verification process for accrediting the Reiki Professional Practitioner and TRC have a number of accredited Reiki Professional Practitioners in its membership and on the CNHC Register.

TRC is also one of a very few organisations in a position to offer the accreditation/verification for Reiki courses.

With the progression of Complementary Therapies in conventional medicine, there are now some medical establishments are looking to work with CNHC accredited practitioners/therapists.  These practitioners/therapists will have completed this verification process.

So, to summarize, in addition to offering TRC approval/accreditation, The Reiki Connection is a Reiki Council and CNHC agreed provider of the verification process offering verification to both the Reiki Professional Practitioner and the Reiki Master wishing to get their Reiki Courses accredited.

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