reiki by Distance learning 


 Learning Reiki by eLearning

COVID-19 has thrown everything upside down.  What were normal procedures are no longer available resulting in either Reiki teaching being put on hold or looking at new ways to teach our Reiki.
This has been a huge challenge for Traditional Reiki Master Teachers and Reiki Organisations alike, hence TRC offering support to eLearner students through Open Reiki.

Open Reiki Group for everything Reiki

For those looking to do only eLearning with Distance Attunements only, this will limit and restrict you in a number of ways, for example challenges getting insurance, not having the opportunity to become a Reiki Council Verified Practitioner, not having the opportunity to be listed in the CNHC Register and probably not having the opportunity to volunteer in conventional medical setting like hospices.  However Reiki works in mysterious ways and this may be the ideal route for you.

Here at TRC there is still the option for eLearners to register with the TRC Open Reiki Group.  Click here for more details

Reiki training during times of Government have enforced restrictions for all Traditional Reiki training.  Some Reiki Masters are offering eLearning, online sessions with the option of a follow-up training session once restrictions are lifted.

For those wanting to do Traditional Reiki during these times of Covid there is another option open to you - eLearning with  follow-on in-person training , Attunements and assessment which complies with full TRC membership and insurance purposes.

The format for this style of learning is: 

  • training via an online medium for example Zoom
  • receiving your Reiki manual(s) by PDF email
  • an online introduction session to discuss student expectation and format of the training - including the final in-person training for a Reiki certificate to be issued
  • a training structure  i.e. state a proposed timescale and number of sessions 
  • possible Distance Attunement depending on the Reiki style
  • a Reiki - eLearning only certificate
  • in-person training session to receive in-person attunements plus practical training on the giving of Reiki, include an assessed treatment if possible
  • following the in-person attunements, your normal Reiki certificate can be issued

Remember, every organisation has its own rules and regulations - these are simply the TRC suggestions.

Currently TRC Reiki Masters offering eLearning are:

Jeanne Long - based just N.E. of Bristol

Julia Eversfield - based in Warminster

The instruction given to Reiki Master Teachers from the CNHC Register is 

"All courses that meet the requirements for CNHC registration must normally include a specified number of hours with the simultaneous physical presence of the learner and a lecturer, tutor or supervisor. This is for the components of the course that cover the development and assessment of practical or clinical skills.

Given the prevalence and spread of coronavirus, and in these circumstances only, the relevant components of the course can be delivered with the simultaneous electronic presence of the learner and a lecturer, tutor or supervisor - for example via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp."

For more information on the CNHC click here