Reiki Levels/Degrees

Reiki 1

Expand your self-awareness through first degree Reiki

Reiki 1 unlocks and opens the door to your Reiki Pathway. Here your pathway can guide you around 'your spiritual garden' creating your own, personal haven for spiritual growth, development and method for healing.

Experience the growth in your inner awareness plus experience the receiving of self-healing and the giving of Reiki to friends and family.

You experience Reiki at Reiki first level.

Reiki 11

Your ever expanding Reiki Pathway

Reiki 11 unlocks the gateway to the second degree of Reiki. Your pathway expands, often to encompass and link with other spiritual, or healing disciplines.

This pathway takes you outside of the confines of 'your garden', visiting the 'gardens' of others. Still with the Reiki pathway to follow, guiding you on your way.

Here your healing expands to the healing of others outside of your familiar circle of family and friends.

You are introduced to the tools of 'distance healing' plus are given information on the accredited  'Professional Practice' of Reiki,  should this be the pathway to which you are drawn.

Reiki 111


Reiki 111 simply unlocks

With Reiki 111 you need no Reiki pathway to follow

With each step you take you create your own Reiki Pathway

You are simply walking and being with Reiki