The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki CouncilThe Reiki Connection Organisation (TRC)

TRC was founded in 2002 by Reiki Master/Teacher Jeanne Long. 

Reiki comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and at TRC we are a diverse, forward thinking organization. 

TRC is an  unincorporated, not-for-profit organisation supporting all those
traditionally trained in Reiki.

TRC membership is open to all styles and schools of Reiki provided Practitioners have received face-to-face training and have a recognised lineage.

TRC is a founder member of the Reiki Council and approved by the Reiki Council and the CNHC as a Verifying Reiki Organisation for Reiki Practitioners wishing to apply for the Reiki Council Verified Practitioner Certificate and CNHC registration*.

TRC has officers:

TRC also has its GEM's. GEMs are active long standing members, very experienced Reiki members with a wealth of knowledge from all walks of life, especially in the medical profession. GEMs are Group Empowered Members, members who are happy to represent TRC in all manner of ways.

Our current GEMs are all Reiki Master/Teachers:

We are a pro-active group, all with a great love of all aspects of Reiki. 

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